Clarity Counsel Intensive

  • IDENTIFY - What YOU value the most and why WE need to know.
  • DISCOVER - How to set yourself apart in a sea of lawyers.
  • MATCH - Your distinct value proposition to the causes that will keep you inspired.
  • FIND - Your tribe of like-minded changemakers where you will be most fulfilled.
  • CREATE - An action plan to build a secure financial future and meaningful life.

Linda Lattimore is a seasoned lawyer, corporate executive, social entrepreneur and founder of the Solutionaries Academy, Cross Sector Institute and WGN Global Fund. She is a well-regarded speaker and published author (Solutionaries – You are the Answer!) in the field of Sustained Leadership and her next book, Social Responsibility Toolkit, will be released this year. Linda offers training to individuals and corporations understanding the need and value of social innovation and responsible and conscious business.


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