Linda Lattimore

Linda Lattimore is a dedicated, passionate collaborator and visionary. She is a well-regarded speaker, published author, and educator in the field of Sustained Leadership. A seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive, and business strategist, she is committed to helping individuals understand the importance of their unique gifts and talents to a world in need.

For Individuals

Solutionaries Academy is a tiered master class series designed to help individuals navigate successfully through the stages of finding fulfilling and rewarding work, to creating a business with a social impact.

For Companies

Cross Sector Institute (CSI) is committed to helping companies succeed now and in the future as part of the landscape of corporate accountability and social impact.
CSI helps your company reinforce corporate citizenship by creating and executing on a social impact strategy building a competitive advantage and driving revenue while you make a difference in the world.

"Linda Lattimore has inspired me and thousands of others over the years, and her book, Solutionaries, is designed to activate the compassion, love, energy and commitment to leave a legacy rather than liabilities. I encourage you to buy this book and work your way through it. You have it in you to make a greater contribution to the world and this book will help you figure out how."

Les Brown
Renowned motivational speaker, CEO/Founder, Les Brown Institute

"As someone who works with later-stage professionals in reinventing their careers, Lattimore's methodology is a welcome tool set for those seeking to turn their careers around, recover from the malaise that often hits at this point in life, and set themselves on a solid course for success in their second act. It is an empowering methodology that will program you for success in this next phase of your career."

John Tarnoff
Reinvention career coach, speaker and author of Boomer Reinvention

"Given the current issues and challenges facing humanity today, Linda Lattimore reminds each of us that there is hope for a more loving and kinder world when we each accept the challenge to do our part. Insightful and thought provoking, Solutionaries provides a step by step guide that reveals the gifts and talents each of us has to offer and then provides a destination for them - allowing us to live more relevant and meaningful lives. "

Lynne Twist
Author of Soul of Money and Co-Founder, Pachamama Alliance


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