Our world demands socially responsible and active corporate citizens.

Cross Sector Institute (CSI) is committed to helping companies succeed within the new paradigm of corporate accountability and social impact. CSI helps companies energize their communities by creating and executing on a social impact strategy — building a competitive advantage and driving revenue while making a difference in the world.

Many Fortune 500 companies oscillate between meeting shareholders expectations, the appearance of corporate greed and the need to show up as solid corporate citizens in their communities. Now, companies without an effective social impact strategy are wildly out of touch - losing big client engagements, not attracting top talent, missing out on impact funding and failing to ensure customer loyalty when price and quality are equivalent. 

Programs Offered

With classes and consulting lead by Linda Lattimore, CSI is the leader in helping companies identify the correct social impact strategy and integrate it step-by-step throughout the organization. Successful social impact strategies are holistic and organic, based on the core mission and values of the company and in tune with their product offerings.


This introductory level program is for organizations that serve populations seeking to enter or return to the workforce such as veterans, homemakers or new college graduates.
Help your beneficiaries align their passions with their unique skill set and discover meaningful work that provides financial security.
This workshop is customized to fit the organization’s needs and mission.


This specialized program is for attorneys seeking "something more."
Geared to internal counsel who strive to be business partners to their clients in the “New World of Business”; external counsel who seek a competitive edge by showing the world that they care about more than billable hours and individuals interesting in leaving the legal profession to find more meaningful, yet lucrative, work.
Clarity Counsel Intensive will give you the tools you need to move forward! Offered as a monthly mastermind or custom program to fit your needs and professional objectives. 




This advanced level program is for established companies or nonprofit organizations who want to ensure their success long term.
Understand the importance of social impact programs to the long-term success of your business, driving revenue or donor dollars to your bottom line and showing up to your stakeholders as a solid corporate citizen. 
This program is customized to fit your organizations needs and mission.


Linda offers private consulting for nonprofit and for-profit companies that are committed to ensuring their success long term. Work closely with Linda and her team to discover how your organization can best integrate social impact programs into your business strategy.

For more information on private consulting, email [email protected] or click below to schedule a free consultation.

"Working with Linda and the team at Cross Sector Institute has kept me focused and helped me stay true to my vision of creating a product development business that helps my clients bring innovative product ideas from “back of the napkin” to reality. The greatest gift I have discovered has been knowing I can positively impact my community by fulfilling my dream to employ the creativity, experience and skill of people on the Autism Spectrum to bring the ideas to life."

Alejandro Gorosito
President of Edward-Alexander

"Linda has created an easy, cost effective and streamlined program for companies who understand that getting on the “Social Responsibility Train” is critical to their competitive success in a new world where social responsibility has become the new norm, not the exception. There is nothing quite like this program in the marketplace – vendors should run, not walk! For large corporate supply chains, these programs are a mandate today."

Linda Young
President/CEO, Catalysts for Innovation, LLC

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