Linda Lattimore is a seasoned lawyercorporate executive and business strategist. Linda has worked as the General Counsel for various multinational corporations and the Chief of the Fraud Section of the US Attorney’s Office, Southern District of Texas where she first chaired many noteworthy trials.  Her international, corporate and litigation background have given her the tools to provide astute guidance and counsel in today’s changing and highly regulated climate.  An American who lived for many years in Peru and Mexico, Linda is fluent in Spanish, conversant in French and has traveled extensively throughout the world with her work.

Linda is a dedicated and passionate collaborator and visionary.  She is the Founder of Cross Sector Institute, an educational platform offering classes by and for socially responsible citizens assisting likeminded companies in a new world of conscious business. Linda is also the Founder and Executive Director of the WGN Global Fund, a 501c(3) with programs such as “Collective i” that educates young women about social enterprise as a vehicle for change and “Global Business Partners” that offers assistance to women in developing nations who, because of socio-economic circumstances, would not otherwise have the tools to create businesses.

Linda believes that social responsibility is critical to competitive edge and often consults on this new norm of business. She is a well-regarded speaker and published author in the field of Sustained Leadership and committed to models that recognize the significance of social responsibility which have a direct impact on the bottom line and the communities we live in.

Each of us has an important role, a unique piece of the jigsaw puzzle of life that cannot be completed without our gifts and talents, the most important of which are not always learned through formal education or work experience. The world needs you and the piece you hold more than ever.

‚ÄčSolutionaries offers you  a step-by-step process to help you identify the values and skills you bring to the world based on your own experiences and how they align with the causes that need you the most.

The work is enlightening, inspirational and life-changing as you:

  • Discover the values, talents and gifts that make you uniquely qualified to lead.
  • Present your distinct value proposition to the world with intention.
  • Identify compelling issues that drive you to serve and make a difference.
  • Find and join your tribe of like-minded “Solutionaries” and changemakers.
  • Create an action plan for a life that meets both your financial and emotional needs.



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