I call changemakers Solutionaries: leaders, visionaries, critical thinkers, and disruptors who strive to challenge conventional wisdom, solve real problems and, have a positive impact on the world around them.

Sound like you?

The words “social engineer” or “social architect” have been coupled for years with attorneys who view their roles as expanded, with a deeper sense of purpose than billable hours and risk mitigation.

These movers and shakers work as trusted advisors with clients navigating the new world of work requiring social impact, transparency and stakeholder models.

Others have left the active practice of law but use critical thinking skills to move organizations or causes forward that positively impact our communities.

They agree on one thing – they needed “something more” to motivate them and inspire them each day to move the needle.

You don’t have to choose between financial security and work that feels meaningful!

If you’re driven to make a bigger impact but aren’t sure how, Clarity Counsel Intensive will guide you through a process that will match your unique gifts and talents to the causes and organizations that need your wisdom to solve the socially pressing issues facing our world today.

"I am one happy lawyer! But, it wasn’t always that way - I knew my life had a higher purpose than running on a treadmill, trading dollars for hours to work. So, I made an important decision to get off that path and so can you! This program is a step by step guide to finding work that is both meaningful and financially rewarding. It just takes the first step… yours!"

Camille Walker, Esq.
Camille Walker Consulting

You hold a missing piece to the puzzle!

In this enlightening intensive, you’ll receive online worksheets and attend community calls with peers that have the same desire to make a difference.

Plus, personal access to Linda, a former AUSA, General Counsel and Founder of a nonprofit. Linda understands the need for “more” and continues to find rewarding ways to fill both her bank account and heart account.

"Lawyers are a dime a dozen so how do you set yourself apart if price and quality are the same? By establishing a unique leadership brand and identity that reflects the positive impact you make in your community and the world. We started law school with a passion, Clarity Counsel Intensive reminds us of the “why” of our profession, when for too long we have been concerned with the “how”."

Tonya Johannsen, Esq.
Estes Thorne and Carr

Isn’t it time to:


What YOU value the most and why WE need to know.


How to set yourself apart in a sea of lawyers.


Your distinct value proposition to the causes that will keep you inspired.


Your tribe of like-minded changemakers where you will be most fulfilled. 


An action plan to build a secure financial future and meaningful life.

"As someone who works with later-stage professionals in reinventing their careers, Lattimore's methodology is a welcome tool set for those seeking to turn their careers around, recover from the malaise that often hits at this point in life, and set themselves on a solid course for success in their second act. "

John Tarnoff
Author Boomer Reinvention: How to Create Your Dream Career Over 50

This small group cohort is limited to 10 registrants and fills quickly. The online video mastermind meets weekly for eight consecutive weeks. New intensives begin quarterly.




8 weekly group mastermind calls  with your "kitchen cabinet"

Access to in-depth online content, worksheets and templates

Access to a Solutionaries community support for just your cohort

Personal strategy call with Linda to outline path forward



Linda Lattimore is a well-regarded speaker, published author, and educator in the field of Sustained Leadership. A seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive, and business strategist, she is committed to helping individuals, from Millennials to Boomers, understand the importance of their unique gifts and talents to a world in need. An American raised in Latin America, she has traveled extensively throughout the world as international corporate counsel, witnessing first-hand some of the world’s most pressing social issues.

Linda is the Founder and Executive Director of the WGN Global Fund a 501c(3) that teaches young leaders about social enterprise as a vehicle for change and gives them the tools to act as role models for future generations. In addition, WGF supports the Global Business Partners program, which joins forces with women in developing nations who, because of socio-economic circumstances, would not otherwise have access to the education or funding opportunities needed to create small businesses.

As the Founder of Cross Sector Institute and Solutionaries Academy, she is committed to business models that recognize the significance of social responsibility. Her emphasis is on encouraging clients to create thriving social impact programs, and to do well even as they do good.

"Given the current issues and challenges facing humanity today, Linda Lattimore reminds each of us that there is hope for a more loving and kinder world when we each accept the challenge to do our part. Insightful and thought provoking, Solutionaries provides a step by step guide that reveals the gifts and talents each of us has to offer and then provides a destination for them - allowing us to live more relevant and meaningful lives. "

Lynne Twist
Author of Soul of Money and Co-Founder, Pachamama Alliance

The Clarity Counsel Intensive Six Step Program

In Step One, you will take a look at individual experiences and encounters with others that have left lasting effects on the way you lead your life, navigate the business and legal world and respond to people and situations. With knowledge, comes an authenticity and a clear understanding of a deeper value proposition, allowing you to respond clearly and concisely to anyone’s question “Why You?”

In Step Two, you will take a look at Brand YOU, how you show up in the world, both on and offline. You will study the gap between other’s impression of you and the one that you hope you give and find ways to narrow it. Crafting a brand that is a true reflection of your aspirations and values, gives you the freedom to “live your brand” authentically, and align with others that resonate with it.

In Step Three, you will identify socially pressing issues that call to you and reflect about why they resonate with you. With a hopeful imagination you will consider ways that these very concerns can be a thing of the past and identify ways that you can contribute to their resolution. The start of meaningful work is when it contributes to our heart account with equal measure as our bank account.

In Step Four, you will begin the search for individuals and organizations that have the same vision and dream that you do, a tribe invested and committed to finding a solution for the problem that you most wish was a thing of the past. This quest will begin to create a new extended community aligning your unique gifts and talents with those that appreciate them, further solidifying all that is Brand You!

Step Five provides an additional filtering process to ensure that you are a good match with organizations and individuals you want to serve or that recruits are a good match for your business. The chances of long-term success in any partnership or working relationship are increased when the partners’ values support and complement each other in addition to interests, talents and skills.

In Step Six, you will form a “plan of attack” and create a strategy to have a life with work that gives you a sense of meaning even as you are paid for your efforts. This might be venturing away from the practice of law and starting a new business, joining a company with like-minded goals or integrating a social impact plan within your current work.  You will leave committed and excited for your next steps.

Sounds pretty good right? 


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