Calling all catalysts for social change!

You are driven by a deep sense of purpose. You believe that businesses can and should create transformational social change. You KNOW the impact your business could have.

Your problem?

You need the foundational strategy behind what inspires you to bring your social business vision into reality.

  • You’re a hard-wired optimist. You believe that if you had the tools to make your business a reality, you would succeed.

  • You’ve done your time in the corporate arena, and it’s time for a major shift. You’re sick of equating profits and purpose.

  • You’re in uncharted territory. You’ve done your research and this sector is full of rules and regulations you’ve never had to deal with. You’re lost on where to start.

  • You’re committed to your vision. But you need to make sure you start your business on the right foot.

  • You believe that businesses should serve all stakeholders, not just shareholders.

  • You have a vision for a business that will have a transformational impact on those it serves.

  • You’re ready to hit the ground running.


with Linda Lattimore


The READY TO LAUNCH SOCIAL IMPACT BOOTCAMP is designed for entrepreneurs and business owners who want to create a social enterprise or social impact business, but don’t know where to start. Whether you’re making the transition from the corporate world, or forging ahead for the first time, this program will help set you on the path to success.

This intensive offers in-depth online content, worksheets and templates for you to use in your business, weekly community calls, personal coaching and direct support from Linda.


Linda Lattimore is a dedicated, passionate collaborator and visionary. She is a well-regarded speaker, published author, and educator in the field of Sustained Leadership. A seasoned lawyer, C-suite executive, and business strategist, she is committed to helping individuals understand the importance of their unique gifts and talents to a world in need. 

An American raised in Latin America, she has traveled extensively throughout the world as international corporate counsel, witnessing first-hand some of the world’s most pressing social issues. As the Founder of Cross Sector Institute, she is committed to business models that recognize the significance of social responsibility. Her emphasis is on encouraging clients to create thriving corporate responsibility programs, and to do well even as they do good.

Linda’s wealth of knowledge is perfectly positioned to help social entrepreneurs like you get set up to succeed and transform your idea from vision to reality.


  • Craft your vision, mission and value statements so the world can see exactly what you stand for.
  • Understand who your stakeholders are, how your business should serve them and how they impact you.
  • Integrate your social strategy with your business strategy seamlessly.
  • Plan to effectively measure and report your social impact.
  • Design a culture of innovation that attracts the right talent to your business.
  • Define signature partnerships and alliances that will help you scale solutions.
  • Understand the corporate legal structures for impact companies and get it right the first time.
  • Make your customers passionate, brand ambassadors.
  • Establish your leadership model in a new world of business.

The READY TO LAUNCH SOCIAL IMPACT BOOT CAMP provides the support, expertise and process you need to create and launch a successful social business.

Your idea deserves to exist as a thriving social business.

You deserve to give yourself the best chance for success.

Get the tools and support you need to begin your journey on the right foot.




  • 12 weekly group video coaching calls with a small cohort boot campers
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community of like-minded social entrepreneurs
  • Access to in-depth online content, worksheets and templates for you to use










  • Customized program for your unique business
  • 12 weekly 60 minute video coaching calls with Linda
  • Unlimited email with Linda during coaching
  • Access to a Private Facebook Community of like-minded social entrepreneurs
  • Access to in-depth online content, worksheets and templates for you to use
  • Signed copy of Linda’s book, Solutionaries
  • Lifetime discount of 25% off any of Linda’s workshops or classes




  • Weekly business strategy video calls with Linda and your team for six months
  • Monthly check-in call with Linda
  • Access to all Bootcamp assignments, worksheets and guides
  • Project review, assessment  and feedback from your "kitchen cabinet"
  • Access to private Facebook community of other Solutionaries
  • The tools you need to gain clarity and set yourself up for success!


  • Define your company’s framework and foundation as a values-based business
  • Choose your social impact team; Learn how your vision, mission and values statements work together to support your business strategy
  • Learn how your vision, mission and values statements work together to support your business strategy


  • Integrate your social responsibility strategy into your business strategy.
  • Determine what  impact programs match with your company’s core competencies to support your business model.
  • Learn to measure and report the impact of your initiatives to your stakeholders.


  • Create a culture of innovation and "Employer Brand" that will recruit and engage an inspired and dedicated team.
  • Align your company’s policies and practices your to social vision.


  • Learn the criteria to create strategic, signature partnerships with charities, non-profits that will enhance your message and underlying purpose.
  • Identify the ideal partners for you that will help you scale solutions quickly and effectively and learn how to make brand ambassadors out of your customers.


  • Get clarity on the type of legal entity you need and how to create it!
  • Understand certification options that show you mean business and show you care.


  • Become a transformative leader focused on “we”, not just “me”.
  • Learn how to lead multi-generations of workers bridging the gap, coming together.
  • Develop leadership skills and efficiencies across your company creating an organization in it for the long haul, rather than short-term profits.

"Linda has created an easy, cost effective and streamlined program for companies who understand that getting on the “Social Responsibility Train” is critical to their competitive success in a new world where social responsibility has become the new norm, not the exception. There is nothing quite like this program in the marketplace – vendors should run, not walk! For large corporate supply chains, these programs are a mandate today” "

Linda Young, President/CEO,
Catalysts for Innovation, LLC.

"Working with Linda and the team at Cross Sector Institute has kept me focused and helped me stay true to my vision of creating a product development business that helps my clients bring innovative product ideas from “back of the napkin” to reality. The greatest gift I have discovered has been knowing I can positively impact my community by fulfilling my dream to employ the creativity, experience and skill of people on the Autism Spectrum to bring the ideas to life."

Alejandro Gorosito
President of Edward-Alexander

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